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Let Our IBM Power Systems, System i, iSeries and AS/400 Experts Take Your Infrastructure To the Cloud

Business Need

Our goal is to house and host the last 10,000 IBM Power Systems, System i, iSeries and IBM AS/400. Abacus Solutions has a long-standing understanding of the IBM i environments. We understand that they run applications that many Windows servers can't. But we also know that IBM i expertise is hard to come by. That is why we offer the Abacus IBM i Cloud for customers with Power Systems, System i, iSeries and IBM AS/400 infrastructure. We free you up from having to worry about investing in new updates, hardware, and maintenance so your staff can concentrate at the application level. We can also update you to i6.1 or i7.1 and keep you current from now on.

We free you up from managing your Power Systems, System i, iSeries and IBM AS/400, so you can focus on more important business needs. Contact us to learn more today.


Cloud Managed Services Options 
  Datacenter Type Infrastructure Support Network Support Operations Support Application Support Backups
Business Continuity
Abacus Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 
Abacus Entry Cloud Tier 2
1190 Kennestone
Level 1 - Critical Operations
Level 1 - Critical Operations
Customer Managed Daily offsite secure storage
Abacus Enterprise Cloud  Tier 3 (SAS 70 Type II) 
56 Marietta St.
 24/7/365  Abacus Level 2 - Critical Plus
Business Continuity
Level 2 - Automation
Customer Managed

Daily offsite secure storage
Start Recovery <12 Hours
Abacus Platform as a Service (PaaS) 
Abacus Enterprise Plus Cloud  Tier 3 (SAS 70 Type II) 56 Marietta St.  24/7/365
 Abacus Level 2 - Critical Plus
Business Continuity
Abacus Level 3 - Optimization
Customer Managed  Daily offsite secure storage
Start Recovery <12 Hours

Solution Overview

The Abacus Clouds provide enterprise IT with best of industry practices, allowing customers to concentrate on their core business. Our multiple Cloud options (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) simplify IT for the user by removing the need to buy, install or manage infrastructure now or in the future. We provide a slice of a larger infrastructure at a fraction of the total cost.This slice can then scale with your growing IT business needs. View our Cloud Separation of Responsibilities for a breakdown of how Abacus can help manage your infrastructure and free up your time.

Abacus provides a true turn-key solution. In addition to providing you with the IBM i Cloud, Abacus will analyze your current environment for proper sizing, migrate you to the Abacus Cloud, and then support you 24/7/365 moving forward. Click here to download our 15 step checklist for migrating your IBM i to the cloud. Finally, if you are not ready to move to the Cloud, Abacus will provide strategically combined products, services, and resources enabling you to create your ideal premise based cloud infrastructure.

Abacus Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds

In the Abacus IaaS Clouds, Abacus offers computers - physical or virtual machines - raw (block) storage, firewalls, load balancers, and networks. The IaaS Clouds provide the environment for users to install operating systems images as well as application software(s). The cloud user is responsible for patching and maintaining the operating systems and application software. The IaaS Cloud services are sold on a utility computing basis, so cost will reflect the amount of resources allocated and consumed.

Abacus Entry Cloud
Environments - IBM i

Abacus Enterprise Cloud
Environments - IBM i

Abacus Platform as a Service (PaaS) Clouds

In the Abacus PaaS Clouds, Abacus delivers a computing platform and/or solution stack - Abacus IaaS Clouds with operating system management layered on top. In the PaaS Cloud, application developers can develop and run their software solutions on an IBM i Cloud platform without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers.

Abacus Enterprise Plus Cloud
Environments - IBM i

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Abacus has one of the largest in-stock supplies of Cisco UCS. View our Cisco UCS page for more information. Browse through our Technology section to see a list of all hardware systems and parts that we can ship to you immediately.


Abacus did an outstanding job for us – great work and very responsive. Thanks once again for the help.

- Rob Frohwein, Kabbage

Abacus took the initiative to learn OUR best practices, not general best practices. They are proactive in helping us see around the corners.

The Abacus team is paying attention to how our business is run. They are paying attention to the infrastructure and the security. I have high standards and I am beyond satisfied with our outsourcing solutions and how Abacus is delivering for us. 

- Bill Hackel, Slay Industries


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