Abacus Leadership

Abacus Solutions continues to thrive through the dedication of its employees and its great customers. We're in it for the long haul, delivering smart solutions designed specifically to simplify our clients' IT infrastructure - a commitment they can count on.

leadership portrait of Paul Burch

Paul Burch

VP, Sales Operations

Paul Burch is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Finance. He and his wife, who started working at Abacus on the same day, reside in Smyrna with their two girls.

When I started at Abacus 14 years ago no one even had a smartphone; now I depend on it to keep up with the pace of business. It’s been fun to watch and track developments in the IT market over the years. It’s been even more fun to see our company adapt to those changes. I get the most satisfaction out of my job when I can help customers navigate the technology market efficiently and effectively. The most IT bang for your buck – that’s what Abacus gets right.

leadership portrait of David Todd

David Todd

VP, Networking

David Todd graduated in 2000 from Georgia Institute of Technology. He married his wife Holly in 2004 and currently lives in Greensboro, GA with his three kids David Jr., Anna Caroline, and Eleanor. He enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

In April of 2001 I was hired to start the Cisco product line at Abacus Solutions. Armed with a fax machine and a Cisco Networking for Dummies book I started buying used Cisco parts which were “inventoried” in an open cubicle in our Vinings high-rise. Since then, our Cisco team has grown in both size and skill sets to become the largest product line at Abacus and one of the largest Cisco teams in the world. While we have worked hard and enjoyed success in business, I am also proud of the culture of family we have created at Abacus and the lifelong friendships we fostered here. Most companies talk about it but very few actually make the sacrifices necessary to ensure employees stick around and are given the opportunity to grow. I am proud and grateful to be a part of it.

leadership portrait of Patrick Schutz

Patrick Schutz

VP, Managed Services

Patrick Shutz is a graduate of UGA with a B.A. in Business Administration. Prior to joining Abacus at its founding, Patrick worked with Patrick Hiller and Ken Snuggs at DataSource, a division of VSS, brokering large IT mainframes. He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, three children and their black lab, Bear.

I am proud to say I am one of the original eight employees of Abacus. When we first started out, only two of us got our own office. I was one of them because apparently I am VERY LOUD (I debate that by the way). I started out as an AS/400 Broker focusing on hardware sales, but as the IT industry became more dynamic and round-the-clock, our clients began leaning heavily on our sales and engineering capabilities for more technical and extensive engagements. I took an ownership position in 2008 and shifted my focus to head up our Managed Services and Support Business (Cloud, Business Continuity, Maintenance, and Managed Services). Over the years we have built out a great team dedicated to growing the cloud and services arm of the business while upholding our high standards of service allowing me to refocus back to my passion, sales. Leading our managed service and support business for years provided invaluable insight to understanding the day to day complications of running a business in today’s ever-changing IT landscape. I bring this experience to my sales focus providing an understanding of customer’s environment and needs having lived it. If I had to sum up why I love what I do, it would be meeting the challenge of merging the technical side of IT with sales and customer care. I also consider myself somewhat of a translator. I feel comfortable talking to clients who speak IT and clients who don’t. Both kinds are welcome at Abacus.

leadership portrait of Phillip Meers

Phillip Meers

VP, Servers & Storage

Phillip Meers is a graduate of West Georgia with a Business Management Degree. He and his wife, Erin, live in Canton, GA with their two boys Hudson and Harris. He enjoys coaching his boys in the different sports they play.

I started at Abacus in February of 2002 and didn’t know a thing about enterprise level computers, so obviously I was a perfect fit to buy and sell HP UX equipment. I have been lucky to be at Abacus from the very early days and learn so much about business and sales; learning lessons through the growing pains of going from a ten person company to 90 person company. Also, with Abacus’ extremely small turnover rate I have been able to watch my co-workers and their families grow. I am looking forward to continually growing the Abacus name within the used IT hardware industry.

leadership portrait of Brad Beatty

Brad Beatty

Finance Manager

Brad Beatty is the Finance Manager of Abacus Solutions, where he is responsible for financial reporting and analysis. Beatty joined Abacus Solutions with over ten years of accounting and finance experience. He has worked in several industries including telecommunications, natural gas and manufacturing. He earned his MBA from Mercer University and his bachelor’s in accounting from Kennesaw State University.

leadership portrait of Joshua Osborne

Joshua Osborne

Sr. Engineer, Managed Services

Josh Osborne attended Siena Heights University at age 12, in southern Michigan, but didn’t graduate - or try to. He lives in Winston, GA with his family along with 7 chickens (Peepers, Goldie, Ester, Buffy, Lark, Loon, and Broody), dog Koda, and cat Bella. He enjoys engineering large engines into cars that were not meant for them. His current project is restoring a 1974 International Scout II and installing 550HP in it. A perpetual student pilot, he loves to weld and fly small planes; he is currently building a two-passenger plane.

I started working on the IBM AS/400 in 1990 as a night operator and read every manual and service guide I could find. By 1993 I was a self-taught and leading a nationwide team of 15 IBM specialists. I was a customer of Abacus Solutions in late 2001 and started working with Abacus Solutions designing IBM enterprise solutions as a consultant in 2002. Even with our continued growth, Abacus has continued to create an environment where creative hard-working people can be successful and have fun.

leadership portrait of Kimberly Christopher

Kimberly Christopher

Logistics Manager

Kim Christopher graduated with a B.S. in Business Management from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Previous to working at Abacus, she was the Logistics Manager at Global Computer Express in Atlanta.

I like to say I'm the Personal Assistant to the “Stars.” That's because I work for our sales team to manage equipment shipping around the country and around the world. Freight forwarding is a huge expense in the brokerage business so understanding the legal and regulatory issues and negotiating the financial aspects of each shipment is critical. For example, did you know that you cannot ship items in wood to China? Yep - everything must be packed in plastic and non-organic materials or they'll get turned away at the port. Managing the freight details helps us ensure timely delivery for our customers and makes a significant difference in costs.

leadership portrait of Josh Cajinarobleto

Josh Cajinarobleto

Marketing Coordinator, UX Developer

Josh Cajinarobleto graduated from the University of Florida with a B.F.A in Digital Media and an M.F.A in Art and Technology, in 2008 and 2011 respectively. He moved to Atlanta in 2014 and currently lives in Smyrna. Despite studying mostly digital forms of art, he enjoys doing things away from the computer as well, including photography, traveling, reading, and working on anything creative.

What I appreciate the most about Abacus is its belief in its employees. When I joined the team at Abacus, despite having never worked in the IT field before, I felt welcomed and trusted to grow into my position. Now I focus on taking on more responsibility and learning about ways I can leverage my creative background to help the company. I’m happy to work at a company that will take an active role in developing and expanding my skills and strengths.