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Abacus Solutions maintains resources that truly set us apart from the competition. We have some of the best sales and technical talent in the industry. At our corporate headquarters we have a state-of-the-art laboratory and warehouse facilities to fulfill your sales and solution needs. We personally carry one of the largest inventories in the industry, keeping your hardware costs low while allowing for speed to order. Additionally, by owning and running multiple datacenters for our cloud offerings, we have tested experience and unique perspective. The Abacus resources prove our tagline: We get IT!


Abacus personally stocks over 25,000 items of inventory worth millions across our core networking, server, and storage product lines, making us one of the largest brokerage houses in the industry.

Abacus is continually buying and selling product with end-users, consultants, leasing companies, distributors, and other wholesalers. We average over 100 shipments a day and over 10 inventory turnovers a year, resulting in an always current and relevant inventory. All hardware is audited, tested, inventoried, and tracked to industry best standards, allowing for same day shipment in many cases. In the rare cases we don’t have product in stock, we have the industry relationships to get you what is needed in the most cost effective and timely way possible. Abacus differentiates itself as a full and complete solutions provider by maintaining its own multi-million dollar inventory.

detail shot of Abacus warehouse hardware inventory


The Abacus lab and warehouse is the environment within which our IT knowledge is cultivated.

Abacus has over 20,000 square feet of lab and warehouse, encompassing receiving, audit, testing, hardware sales, solution builds, development, proof of concept, cloud, services, ITAD, shipping, logistic activities, and more. We horseshoe orders from receiving to our lab, on to the warehouse, and out to shipping. Our lab mirrors our hardware focus, with specialty areas for all of our networking, server, and storage hardware lines. We built it with speed and flexibility in mind, allowing for constant and ever-changing activity. The Abacus warehouse is stacked 30 feet high with Abacus inventory and comprises our shipping and receiving stations. Our hardware inventory ranges from refrigerator-sized racked solutions to small memory DIMMs. All hardware that is brought in is audited, tested, inventoried and tracked to industry best standards, allowing for same day shipment in many cases.

overview shot of Abacus warehouse hardware inventory




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Technical Team

IT currency is knowledge and the Abacus sales and technical team is rich. Our sales team consists of specialists across our multiple hardware and solution offerings. Each sales specialist brings all the available knowledge about their product and solutions to the table, allowing for the most comprehensive sales and recommendations for each customer’s unique requirements.

The Abacus sales team is backed by an industry unique 1:1 sale to engineering ratio. Our certified engineering team is continually growing their knowledge base on the hardware and solutions we specialize in, creating a career path for them to invest in. Our technical team sees more hardware and solutions in a month than some see in a lifetime parlaying that expertise and experience for our customers.

Let the Abacus expertise lead you to the right sale and solution.

image of the intel division of the Abacus laboratory

Data Centers

At Abacus we practice what we preach in that we consume what we sell, in many instances, providing us the perspective and experience of a customer. Abacus owns, runs, and manages multiple datacenters supporting our Abacus cloud offerings. As a large-scale managed service provider we share our expertise to be a better partner to our customers.

overview shot of Abacus on-site data center

Why Choose Abacus Solutions?

  • We're one of the largest brokerage houses in the industry.
  • Our multi-million dollar inventory stored on-site.
  • We own and manage multiple data centers.
  • We employ over twenty W-2 engineers in our on-site laboratory.
  • Our strong business ethics intended to protect our clients.
  • We buy, refurbish, and sell hardware.
  • Abacus is a vendor neutral provider.

Let's Become Partners

We know it can be difficult to find an all-encompassing IT service and solutions provider - especially one that look out for your best interests. Contact Abacus today to see how we can put all of our resources to work for you.