Abacus Solutions

is a global provider of IT infrastructure hardware and services that has operated out of Atlanta, GA since 2000. We offer customized network, server, storage, cloud, as well as IT services and solutions. At Abacus, We Get IT.

Read about the history of Abacus and get to know the type of company we are.


Abacus was founded in July of 2000 as a global IBM AS/400 and RS/6000 brokerage house with the goal of providing hardware solutions from an ethical company that truly represented their customers’ best interest. We quickly expanded our inventoried product lines encompassing Cisco, IBM Storage, IBM xSeries, HP-9000, HP-ProLiant, and Sun. This allowed us to provide server, storage, and networking solutions to a variety of customers including leasing companies, business partners, consultants, end-users, and other wholesalers.

As the IT industry increasingly became 24/7/365 oriented, we adapted to our clients’ needs with more direct interaction, enhanced offerings, and custom services. In 2006, to facilitate this shift in business, we consolidated sales and technical operations into our current headquarters in Marietta, GA; a 35,000 sq. ft. space including sales, technical, support, lab, warehouse, 25,000 items of inventory, datacenter, and training center. In addition, we developed committed partnerships with dozens of leading manufacturers to provide vendor-neutral and best of purpose IT solutions.

With these resources and partnerships, we established ourselves as one of the Southeast’s largest privately held IT solution providers, selling hardware, solutions, services, cloud, support, and more.

In November 2014 Abacus expanded our local solution and advisory business into a new company; we created the Cumberland Group to provide the advice and solutions necessary to align and link rapidly changing business and technology landscapes. The Cumberland offshoot allowed Abacus to continue to focus on our core - network, server, and storage hardware solutions as well as cloud and professional IT services.

Since our inception Abacus has grown year to year – success we attribute to the loyalty we show both our customers and our employees - and we look to further establish ourselves as a premier, white-glove IT solutions and technology provider. At Abacus We Get IT. We’ve got your back, your bottom line, and your best interest covered.

The Abacus Values

  1. Integrity
    We will always do "what is right," where decisions will be based off of high integrity and sound character.
  2. Respect
    We believe in treating people as we want to be treated. We respect each other always and never lose sight that people make up our internal and external customers. Every person is an individual with unique talents and contributions no matter the title.
  3. Excellence - Constantly Improving
    We will always strive for excellence every chance we get, and constantly improve in every aspect where listening is paramount. We are a professional organization where growth for internal and external customers is very important.
  4. Accountable - Learn From Mistakes
    We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and inactions. When we make mistakes, we admit them, learn from them and strive to not repeat them. We will have discipline to operate and function as a synergistic team.
  5. Long-Term Customer Relationships
    We will choose customers that believe in a win-win long term relationship. We want our customers to succeed, and we want customers who want us to succeed.
  6. Financially Stable
    We will be a financially stable company that will grow and invest profits responsibly while maintaining reasonable profit and debt ratios.
  7. Philanthropy
    We believe in giving back to our community. We donate our time and resources to programs that make a difference.

The Abacus Culture

  1. We have integrity to do what is right.
  2. We have no egos at Abacus. Leave yours at the door before entering.
  3. We have a positive mental attitude. We dislike cynics, whiners and negative people in general.
  4. We believe in team. If the team is strong, the individual is stronger.
  5. We crave to get better every time an opportunity is present.
  6. We are a learning team that wants personal growth.
  7. We are extremely competitive and love to WIN!
  8. We accept responsibility for our actions or inactions.
  9. We are accountable for our performance.
  10. We observe the Golden Rule.
  11. We work hard and play hard.
  12. We leap at the chance to show the ultimate in customer service.
  13. We do not use offensive language in our office.
  14. We dress neat and care about our appearance.