Flexibility and room for growth is key in the IT industry; what works for one customer may not work for another. Abacus prides itself on being able to design and implement the best solutions for your business needs by leveraging our extensive inventory of Dell storage, PowerConnect Networking, and PowerEdge server equipment for all levels of business. With an emphasis on versatility, Dell's suite of networking and storage equipment makes it easy to purchase for today and scale as your business needs grow tomorrow.

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Abacus Dell Product Options

Image of Dell PowerEdge R720 Rack Server

PowerEdge Servers

Flexibility and performance come standard with Dell's portfolio of PowerEdge servers. Whether you need a small rack footprint or enterprise level computing power, Abacus can configure them to meet your needs both in form and functionality. Our Dell PowerEdge Server inventory includes, but is not limited to, parts such as:
PowerEdge Rack Servers
  • R210
  • R310
  • R410
  • R510
  • R610
  • R710
  • R810
  • R220
  • R320
  • R420
  • R520
  • R620
  • R720
  • R820
  • R430
  • R530
  • R630
  • R730
  • R830
Image of Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade Server
PowerEdge Blade Servers
  • M1000e Enclosure
  • M610
  • M620
  • M630
Image of Dell PowerEdge T620 Tower Server
PowerEdge Tower Servers
  • T610
  • T620
  • T630
Image of Dell hardware Options

Dell Hardware Options

You won't always need to replace entire configurations; sometimes you just need to quickly replace a failed hard drive or increase memory capacity. Tested by our HPE certified engineers, our server options offer solutions that enable you to further increase system performance. We can even provide next-day shipping for when unexpected emergencies occur. Options we offer include:
  • Processor Kits
  • Server Memory
  • Server Hard Drives
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Host Bus Adapters
  • Power Supplies
Image of Dell PowerVault MD1200 and MD3200 Storage Stack

PowerVault Storage

Invest in storage arrays that can start small and expand based on your growing business needs. Partner with Abacus to determine and configure the perfect balance of high-availability and reliability with your Dell PowerVault solution. Our Dell PowerVault Storage inventory includes, but is not limited to, parts such as:
  • MD1200
  • MD1220
  • MD3200
  • MD3220
  • MD3220i
  • MD3400
Image of Dell PowerConnect 6248 Switch

PowerConnect/N-Series Networking

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of manageable, flexible switch solutions, Abacus can help enterprise and campus LAN environments take advantage of the performance of Dell's PowerConnect switches.
Image of Dell PS6210 EqualLogic Family


Ideal for midsize business to enterprise level storage needs, Abacus can help you leverage the streamlined deployment and management of Dell EqualLogic storage to provide efficient scalability, performance, and capacity.
Image of Dell Compellent SC4020

Compellent Arrays

Successful in both small markets and large enterprise environments, Compellent offers flexible expansion options and smart performance to lower hardware, power, and cooling costs.

Why Choose Abacus for Dell Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned Dell hardware.
  • We can provide emergency next day delivery for parts and systems.
  • We can help you enhance network security and performance.
  • We can extend your IT hardware budget without sacrificing performance.
  • You can consult with our Dell experts to find the right product.

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Abacus can offer full customization on a wide array of Dell hardware, ensuring you have affordable, warrantied equipment to keep your IT environment running smoothly.