From HP’s BladeSystem c-Class to Superdome X, there is no system in HP’s portfolio that we can’t provide. We maintain an extensive inventory across all of HP’s main enterprise level product lines including: HP ProLiant, ProCurve, HP 9000, and HP Integrity. We also carry stock in networking and storage options for your HP systems.

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HP Product Line Details

HP Proliant & ProCurve

The versatility of HP's ProLiant and ProCurve hardware provides a variety of cost-configurations to utilize in a wide scope of applications. The Abacus team of HP Product Managers and certified engineers are here to help your business take advantage of the capabilities of the ProLiant and ProCurve product lines to maximize your IT spend. Backed by our multi-million dollar inventory stored on-site, we can offer stock in servers and server options including: servers, switches, storage, networking, interconnects, adapters, and enclosures. Whether you need to simplify data center operations, or increase storage capacity and density, Abacus can provide the gear your business needs for all mission critical applications.

The most significant quality that sets Abacus apart from other IT hardware resellers is our unparalleled technical support. Our engineering team has the experience and certification to construct a customized networking or storage solution for small business workloads up to enterprise environments. Upgrade your old-gen infrastructure to improve convenience and agility. Deploy virtualizations to consolidate compute, storage, and network. We'll tailor a solution for your exact needs so you don't overspend on unnecessary capabilities. In addition to our support team, Abacus provides customers with a minimum 30-day warranty on all HP ProLiant and ProCurve hardware. Run your operations more efficiently, deliver IT services faster, and increase productivity and performance with Abacus as your partner.

HP 9000 & Integrity

Since we started providing HP hardware worldwide in 2001, Abacus Solutions has elevated itself as a premier services, support, and gear provider for the HP9000 and Integrity product lines. We have a team of dedicated HP engineers that will guide you with migrating your workloads to newer technologies, implement and install services promptly to eliminate system downtime, and provide resources to help improve performance and return on your IT investment.

With our expansive inventory and certified engineers we have the unique ability to provide same day shipments on parts as well as fully configured systems. All of our hardware ships with test reports and is fully backed and warrantied so you get quality gear even in emergency situations. Partner with Abacus Solutions today to refresh your IT infrastructure with new hardware, manage your existing assets, or sell and remove your unneeded equipment.

Why Choose Abacus for HP Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned HP hardware.
  • You need to reduce maintenance costs with third party support.
  • Your current infrastructure lacks scalability/flexibility.
  • We can provide emergency next day delivery for parts and systems.
  • We can extend your IT hardware budget without sacrificing performance.

Architect The Proper Solutions With Abacus Solutions

HP has a solution for almost any workload need, but choosing the right options can be difficult and overwhelming - Abacus has a team of dedicated and certified HP engineers that can assist you.