As companies move more of their IT infrastructure into the Cloud, in-house UNIX environments are shrinking on a yearly basis. Those that remain are vital cogs to a company’s operations and their bottom line. Having a trusted partner with the expertise and the hardware inventory to support your Oracle/Sun environment is of paramount importance. Abacus has been in the Oracle/Sun business from our beginnings and have serviced thousands of clients since 2000. From spare parts and upgrades on your legacy to fully deployed solutions, we're here to keep you going for years to come.
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Abacus Oracle/Sun Product Options

Image of SPARC T7-2 Server

SPARC Servers

Oracle’s line of SPARC servers has been its flagship product since its founding and the go to choice for UNIX administrators around the world. With each new iteration, Oracle’s emphasis on innovation shines through: multicore, multithreaded processors; granular virtualization on a threaded level; inbuilt end-to-end data encryption that is the fastest in the industry, providing some of the most secure native server platforms the marketplace has seen; and unique optimization so that your enterprise applications run at their peak; all in a rackable package. They’ve made the power and space hogging UNIX environments a dinosaur. Abacus has been in the Sun business almost as long as Sun has. Our team is here to help you build a solution that keeps in lockstep with the most pressing issues that face your IT infrastructure – powerful, secure, efficient, reliable & most importantly affordable.
SPARC64 Servers
  • SPARC M10-1
  • SPARC M10-4
  • SPARC M10-4S
SPARC M7 Servers
  • SPARC M7-8
  • SPARC M7-16
SPARC T7 Servers
  • SPARC T7-1
  • SPARC T7-2
  • SPARC T7-4
SPARC S7 Servers
  • SPARC S7-2
  • SPARC S7-2L
SPARC T5 Servers
  • SPARC T5-2
  • SPARC T5-4
  • SPARC T5-8
SPARC T4 Servers
  • SPARC T4-1
  • SPARC T4-2
  • SPARC T4-4
SPARC Blade Servers
  • SPARC T5-1B
  • SPARC T4-1B
  • SPARC T3-1B
Image of SPARC T5-1B Blade Server
Image of Oracle X6-2L Rackmount Server

X86 Servers

The Intel-based server is ubiquitous; by now every datacenter has a majority of their rackspace occupied with an x86 architected system of some form: HP, Dell, Cisco UCS, Lenovo, and Oracle. Each manufacturer has their own take on this commodity with their own features to trumpet, but at the end of the day they are all pretty much the same – unless you’re running an Oracle-heavy software load. Oracle has optimized their x86 offerings to be at the top of the commoditized heap when running their own applications. All things being equal, why not run the hardware made to make your applications perform at their best?
Rackmount Servers
  • Oracle Server X6-2
  • Oracle Server X6-2L
  • Oracle Server X5-2
  • Oracle Server X5-2L
  • Oracle Server X5-4
  • Oracle Server X5-8
  • Oracle Server X4-2
  • Oracle Server X4-2L
  • Oracle Server X4-4
  • Oracle Server X4-8
  • Oracle Server X3-2
  • Oracle Server X3-2L
Blade Servers
  • Sun Blade X4-2B
  • Sun Blade X3-2B
  • Sun Blade X6270 M2
Image of Oracle Exadata x5-8


Your Big Data problems need big solutions that don’t give you bigger headaches. Oracle’s suite of engineered systems provide a comprehensive solution that’s easy to deploy and even easier to manage. Run your databases on the systems specifically designed to make them scream. Abacus can build & configure the hardware component of these systems for your training and DR needs, or even handle sparing needs – all at tremendous cost savings. Big Data doesn’t have to mean big dollars.
  • V2
  • X2-2
  • X3-2
  • X4-2
  • X5-2
  • X6-2
  • X3-2
  • X4-2
  • X5-2
  • X6-2

Why Choose Abacus for Oracle/Sun Hardware?

  • You can subsidize a new purchase by selling us pre-owned Sun/Oracle hardware.
  • You need to extend the life of an existing Solaris environment.
  • We can provide emergency next day delivery for parts and systems.
  • You need to upgrade an existing Oracle/Sun infrastructure.
  • We can provide unparalleled support services.
  • We can provide migration & consolidation services.

Gain A Partner Who Will Work Lockstep With Your Oracle/Sun Hardware Needs

We understand the importance of listening to our customers to find out what they actually need instead of what the manufacturer is currently pushing. As customers’ UNIX environments continue to shrink, it’s important to make sure that our customers get the most out of their existing infrastructure and that all new installations are a tailored fit to the DB, OLTP, and CRM/ERP workloads that Oracle specializes in hosting.