Abacus has been providing AS/400 product since our inception in 2000. We have stood the test of time as well as the continued IBM name changes (AS/400, iSeries, System i, and Power Systems) through the years to grow into one of the largest and focused IBM i product and solution providers. Our unique ability to sell new or used and a la carte or complete turnkey provides options to a typically rigid platform. Let Abacus be your go-to IBM i product partner!
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IBM Partnership Qualifications

IBM Gold Business Partner Mark
IBM Server Systems Specialist Gold Business Partner Mark
IBM Storage Systems Specialist Gold Premier Business Partner Mark
IBM Managed Services for Infrastructure Premier Business Partner Mark

IBM i Product Options

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New Hardware Solutions

Abacus is a Gold Business Partner with Specialist certifications in IBM Server and Storage. We take our expertise and knowledge as an IBM i focused managed service provider and parlay that into all of our customer specific recommendations. Our IBM i new hardware solutions include all the needed product, support, onsite professional, and migration services for a turnkey one stop shop. Contact Abacus for all your new IBM i solutions.

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Pre-Owned Hardware Product

The Abacus personal stock of IBM iSeries inventory is one of the largest in the world. We carry systems, processors, memory, disk, features, and more; you can choose from the latest Power generations down to the old AS/400 hardware and everything in between. All iSeries hardware is audited, tested, eligible for IBM support, and comes with a limited warranty. Abacus not only has the hardware but the sales and technical expertise to recommend and configure custom cost-effective iSeries specific solutions for you. Contact Abacus for all your IBM i pre-owned hardware needs.

Why Choose Abacus for IBM Product?

  • Our sales and technical expertise, as well as our recommendations are unmatched in the industry.
  • Abacus' MSP perspective can speak to real usage recommendations and solutions.
  • You get turnkey solutions from one provider.
  • We offer variety: new/used/hybrid options.

Abacus Works To Be Your Go-To IBM i Product Partner

Let the Abacus expertise and unique offerings lead you to the right IBM i product solution.