The Abacus IBM i technical team has the expertise and experience for almost anything and everything up to the application level, including: Operations management, OS version test and upgrades, performance health checks, hardware upgrades and migrations, system relocations, backup resolution, operating and non-operating software requests, and hardware error fixes. For whatever IT infrastructure projects you have, we have the people, processes, and willingness to exceed your expectations so that your employees have more time to focus on growing your business.

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IBM Partnership Qualifications

IBM Gold Business Partner Mark
IBM Server Systems Specialist Gold Business Partner Mark
IBM Storage Systems Specialist Gold Premier Business Partner Mark
IBM Managed Services for Infrastructure Premier Business Partner Mark

IBM i Services Details

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Operations Management Services

Just like our cloud services, the Abacus Operations Management Services is IBM i focused. This unique platform requires a dedicated and skilled partner to properly manage day to day operations, and Abacus has the personnel and tools to do this for you. Additionally, Abacus has varying levels of offering and support to customize a support package that fits your unique needs. Let Abacus be the partner that helps you shift past maintaining, and on to growing your business.

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Upgrade Test Flight

The Abacus Upgrade Test Flight is an extension of our traditional disaster recovery test/restore services. To put it simply, we're remotely delivering a "test flight" that minimizes disruption to the business and maximizes your confidence to proceed with an upgrade to i6.1 / i7.x.

Your current iSeries production environment will be restored onto a similarly configured server (i5OS version and hardware resources) to fully test all aspects of the V5RX to i6.1 / i7.x iSeries upgrade process. Abacus support engineers will execute the V5RX upgrade to i6.1 / i7.1 to the dedicated Abacus test environment from customer provided media. We'll also fully document the process, providing you with a deliverable that includes necessary steps and actions. Once the migration is complete you can test via remote VPN, allowing you to thoroughly assess the i6.1 / i7.x functionality and readiness. Additionally, by closely simulating your production environment, you will be able to accurately plan for the real world migration outage time frames.

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Performance Assessment

The Abacus IBM i Performance Assessment offers a comprehensive review of all IBM i environment performance related metrics, translating into customized recommendations and solutions. We deliver a thorough understanding of your historical, average, and peak performances. The Abacus “State of the Union” (SOU) summarizes performance data graphically in an easy to follow format. This deliverable will be reviewed over a Webex presentation with our capacity planning and hardware performance experts. Additionally, we will graphically model optional performance upgrades.

The Abacus IBM i performance assessment provides your environment specific data for proper decision making going forward and also starts a relationship with a uniquely focused and skilled IBM i partner. At Abacus we argue we do the IBM Power Systems, System i, iSeries, and IBM AS/400 environments better than the rest and we look forward to proving it one customer at a time. Let Abacus and the IBM i Performance Assessment provide you with the “Power to Upgrade with Confidence!"

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Health Check

Are you unclear where the starting line is for your IBM i environment? If so let an Abacus IBM i health check show you the way. For a low cost flat rate service per system engagement Abacus will do a good once over on your IBM i environments. From customer provided reports and environment access Abacus will review each system for errors and provide or recommend quick fixes, review hardware configurations for status and potential improvement or replacement, and review operations management and backup operations for best practices comparison. From the health check Abacus will provide a general health status as well as what, if any, Abacus product, services, and/or solutions are needed for improvements. Let the Abacus health check be the first step to a clean IBM i bill of health.

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Maintenance Services

Abacus offers the best possible IBM maintenance support, and in most cases, for less than you would find elsewhere. We separate ourselves from the competition with a large personal inventory, superior technical backbone, parts on site, proactive monitoring, 24/7/365 availability, and a large network of "feet-on-the-street." Abacus Maintenance Services allow you to rest easy, knowing whatever it is, we've got you covered.

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Time & Material Services

Abacus Time & Material Maintenance Services adds depth to your IBM i group with a combination of guaranteed 4-hour or best efforts response from our superior technical team. The combination of high availability and superior server, storage, and network competencies, makes Abacus a valuable partner to keep your mission critical operations running smoothly.

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Professional Services

Abacus has the experience, expertise, and willingness to exceed expectations and be your go-to partner for all your IBM i professional services needs. Review our general IBM i professional services listing and contact us for details or if a service you need is not listed:

  • Hardware upgrades
  • Hardware refresh
  • Virtualization
  • OS upgrades
  • PTF updates
  • Decommissions
  • Relocations
  • Best practices backup configuration
  • DR Test/Documentation
  • Security enhancement
  • Corrupt data recoveries
  • Tape conversions

Why Choose Abacus for IBM i Platform Services?

  • You have an aging workforce/loss of a critical resource.
  • You want to shift focus to business critical workload(s).
  • You have a pending application/hardware upgrade.
  • We can eliminate backup windows.
  • You need to enhance/replace business continuity.
  • You have a desire to enhance/augment hardware operations management.
  • You need to shift a legacy environment to archive.
  • You have a short term test/development need.
  • You need to perform an OS upgrade test.
  • We can give you a performance assessment.

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