The Abacus services help simplify IT workloads, leaving you more time, resources, and money to grow your business. Our team of engineers with expertise and certifications in a wide range of server, storage, and networking hardware and solutions separates us from the competition. For whatever IT infrastructure projects you have, we have the people, processes, and willingness to exceed your expectations.

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Abacus Service Options

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Data Center Relocation Services

Moving a data center can be stressful, which is why Abacus should be your go-to partner for all IT business critical environment relocations. Whether you are moving down the hall or across the country, Abacus provides a white glove service owning the process from start to finish. We carefully map out the steps needed to ensure your equipment arrives just the way we found it. From the initial audit to the transportation and installation of the equipment, Abacus has you covered.

Our services are adjustable depending on the size of the move and the tasks you need help with. We combine a tested process with technical expertise and flexibility, allowing for customized data center relocation services. Contact us today.

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Data Center Audit Services

The reality is almost anyone can perform a data center audit. But then what? An Abacus Data Center Audit can be the starting point for customers who are looking to optimize hardware, space, resources, and time, allowing you to gain control over investments already made to make better decisions going forward. Abacus leverages its unique background as a full solutions IT provider to separate our level of service from other data center audit providers.

We deliver our audit findings with IT infrastructure recommendations for you to start and implement. Contact Abacus today about a Data Center Audit.

Image of Cisco UCS available via Abacus Solutions

Maintenance Services

Abacus offers the best possible technical support, and in most cases, for less than you would find elsewhere. We separate ourselves from the competition with a large personal inventory, superior technical backbone, parts on site, proactive monitoring, 24/7/365 availability, and a large network of "feet-on-the-street." We're a full solution provider with a state-of-the-art technical center that employs a staff of over twenty W-2 engineers. Abacus Maintenance Services allow you to rest easy, knowing whatever it is, we've got you covered.

We offer several maintenance support types including a fully customized option. Contact Abacus to see which is right for you!

Image of Cisco switches available via Abacus Solutions

Time & Material Services

Abacus Time & Material Maintenance Services add depth to your IT bench with a combination of guaranteed 4-hour or best efforts response from our superior technical team. The combination of high availability and superior server, storage, and network competencies makes Abacus a valuable partner to keep your mission critical operations running smoothly.

Image of Cisco UCS available via Abacus Solutions

Technology Services

Abacus has the experience, expertise, and willingness to exceed expectations to be your go-to partner for all technology services. Our wide coverage of platforms and repertoire of services across server, storage, and networking environments, provides unparalleled flexibility. Abacus Technology Services are performed by Abacus W-2 engineers, not farmed out services like other providers, allowing you to proceed with all your IT infrastructure projects with confidence.

Contact Abacus Solutions to tap into our wealth of skills for all your IT infrastructure projects.

Why Choose Abacus Services?

  • Our superior technical expertise.
  • You need server, storage, and networking coverage and resources.
  • We store high probable parts onsite for same day response needs.
  • We're one of the largest privately held VAR's in the industry.
  • We're available 24/7/365 by portal, e-mail, phone to meet agreed service levels.
  • We personally inventory over 25,000 items that is turned over, on average, ten times a year.
  • Our team of over twenty W-2 engineers are constantly testing, repairing, and providing solutions around our core server, storage, and networking competencies.
  • We're a comprehensive, best-purpose IT solution provider helping customers reduce spend and simplify through consolidation, virtualization, and optimization.

Simplify Your IT Workloads

The Abacus service offerings provide customized solutions to your business IT infrastructure needs