Abacus IBM i Cloud Customers Enjoy Wider Ecosystem

A new data center partner gives Abacus customers better DR capability, and more data processing options


QTS Metro Atlanta Data Center
QTS Metro Atlanta | Image courtesy of QTS Data Centers

About three years ago, Abacus decided it needed to upgrade its AS/400 disaster recovery (DR) capability. The search for a new data center partner brought it to QTS, and while Abacus had originally set out to find a suitable DR site, after seeing the huge QTS Metro facility in its hometown of Atlanta, Abacus decided to migrate production as well.

Starting in 2018, Abacus stood up its DR site in QTS’s Irving, TX data center, followed by the production move to QTS Metro. Migrating hundreds of IBM i customers was a big undertaking and required careful coordination by its project management team to ensure as little downtime as possible. The entire process took over a year to complete.

With the move to a new data center, Abacus cloud customers have entered a new cloud ecosystem that expands their data processing options, says Patrick Schutz, chief sales officer. That ecosystem isn’t necessarily composed of IBM i vendors, but other companies that can offer additional computational or analytic services on top of data housed in IBM i.

It’s a symbiotic ecosystem that we work in. I tell customers, hey we’ve made a lot of the proverbial decisions by choosing the data center and the other products that we use for our cloud. Now you can parlay into that by bringing some other workloads to the data center or having a rack in there or using other cloud providers. We can all cross-connect together. – Patrick Schutz, Chief Sales Officer

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