AS/400 BaaS Solutions Offered to Businesses of All Kinds

If your datacenter runs AS/400, the BaaS (backup as a service) package offered by Abacus Solutions is one of the most effective methods for eliminating tape-based backups, shifting to an operating expense for your backup practices, and generally improving your overall business continuity. When you choose us for AS/400 BaaS, or backup as a service, our cloud experts will set up a local appliance for your datacenter and assist you in establishing regularly scheduled disk-to-disk backups. This appliance will then be connected to the Abacus Backup Cloud, where we will monitor and manage daily deduplications of your backups into the cloud for secure offsite storage.

Our AS/400 BaaS Options

At Abacus Solutions, we take business continuity seriously and strive to offer the most comprehensive selection of services to satisfy a wide range of needs at many different price points. In addition to our AS/400 BaaS option, we also offer:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
    • Recovery time objectives (RTOs) ranging from within 12 hours to within 48 hours
    • Recovery point objectives (RPOs) of either last data replication or last saved tape
    • Cloud-based (warm) or tape-based (cold) disaster recovery method
    • Three-year or monthly contract terms
  • High Availability as a Service (HAaaS)
    • RTO of within one hour
    • RPO of last transaction performed
    • Software- or SAN-based (hot) high availability recovery method
    • Three-year term

Not only do we offer some of the most effective AS/400 Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and High Availability as a Service packages in the industry, we also boast powerful cloud hosting capabilities perfect for partially or fully transitioning your datacenter into cloud computing. We offer cloud hosting packages that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to suit your IT department’s needs.

For more information about our AS/400 BaaS option, contact Abacus Solutions today.