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AS/400 Backup Provided by Abacus Solutions

For AS/400 backup, there’s no better company to turn to than Abacus Solutions. We were founded on the AS/400 infrastructure ourselves and have worked closely with IBM hardware and software ever since. We also employ IBM-certified staff members who are here to help you assess the needs of your datacenter and devise a solution that meets both the backup and budgetary requirements of your business.

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Our AS/400 Backup Features

The Abacus Backup Cloud is a best-in-class, versatile infrastructure that is designed with redundant components to provide users with maximized uptime and reliability. Back up your AS/400 data to our cloud and enjoy reduced requirements for space, time, and hardware acquisition. Our technicians will install a device within your infrastructure where disk-to-disk backups can be performed along with daily deduplication and replication. When you choose Abacus for backup services, you can expect:

Additional benefits of choosing Abacus Solutions for AS/400 backup include:

At Abacus Solutions, our backup services encompass everything from simple storage to business continuity, so whether you’re just looking to reduce the costs of hardware acquisition and maintenance or you’re looking more for a service that will protect your data in the event of a disaster, we can help you find the right AS/400 backup solution.

To learn more about the backup options that we offer, or for more information regarding any other one of our cloud services, contact Abacus Solutions today.