AS/400 Data Replication and Recovery Provided by Experienced IBM Specialists

For complete and accurate data replication of your AS/400 servers and fast recovery times in the event of a disaster, choose the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions. For businesses with physical infrastructure, we offer tape-based backup and recovery options. However, we recommend moving your operations to the Abacus i Cloud, where your data will be more secure and accessible, especially during production downtime.

Our cloud-based disaster recovery service can provide a recovery time of less than 12 hours, using the latest data replication of your AS/400 servers. However, if it’s imperative that your production remains operational with as little downtime as possible, then choose our high availability as a service (HAaaS), which includes:

  • A new recovery point of transaction per transaction replication
  • An appropriately sized target environment in the Abacus i Cloud
  • A transfer of your operations to the target environment while the production environment is serviced

With a recovery time of less than one hour, it’s easy to see why HAaaS is so important to our clients with around-the-clock production requirements. No matter which recovery service works best for you, by joining the Abacus i Cloud you’ll receive 24/7 infrastructure support and optional OS management to relieve some of the burden of your IT team.

Contact Abacus Solutions today for more information about AS/400 data replication and recovery options. We’re proud to provide reliable business continuity services for businesses of all sizes.