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AS/400 High Availability as a Service Can Keep Your Business Operational During Downtime

AS/400 high availability as a service (HAaaS) from Abacus Solutions is a great tool to prepare for production downtime at your place of business. Whether that downtime is planned in advance or is caused by a sudden disaster, having the support of this service can help you achieve unparalleled business continuity.

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Our AS/400 HAaaS package consists of the following services:

This service from Abacus Solutions can ensure that your business continues to operate if your production goes down; and, with a recovery time of only one hour, it’s easy to see why HAaaS is essential for businesses that require maximum uptime.

To learn more about high availability as a service for your AS/400 system, contact Abacus Solutions today. Our technicians are industry leading experts on IBM machines and software, and they look forward to applying their expertise to your business needs.