AS/400 High Availability as a Service Can Keep Your Business Operational During Downtime

AS/400 high availability as a service (HAaaS) from Abacus Solutions is a great tool to prepare for production downtime at your place of business. Whether that downtime is planned in advance or is caused by a sudden disaster, having the support of this service can help you achieve unparalleled business continuity.

Our AS/400 HAaaS package consists of the following services:

  • First, we install high availability software on your AS/400 hardware.
  • Then we’ll use this software to create a recovery point of transaction which will link to a cloud environment target.
  • Before moving beyond this point, our IBM-certified technicians will check to ensure that the replication of your production was completed in full and accurately.
  • In the event of downtime, we transfer your operations to the cloud replication while the production environment is serviced and brought back online, at which point, we will transfer your operations back.

This service from Abacus Solutions can ensure that your business continues to operate if your production goes down; and, with a recovery time of only one hour, it’s easy to see why HAaaS is essential for businesses that require maximum uptime.

To learn more about high availability as a service for your AS/400 system, contact Abacus Solutions today. Our technicians are industry leading experts on IBM machines and software, and they look forward to applying their expertise to your business needs.