AS/400 Hosting Can Streamline the Workflow of Your IT Department

AS/400 hosting is something that all businesses using the IBM i platform should consider. Moving to the cloud can be beneficial in many ways – for example, it can allow you to shift to an operating expense, which for many businesses is preferred over capital spend on IT equipment. Some of the different services that an AS/400 hosting provider may be able to offer include:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – IaaS is, essentially, hardware on demand. This service allows you to buy for today and scale as you grow, rather than purchase surplus equipment in anticipation of growth. Plus, all cloud-based hardware is host managed, which can help reduce or eliminate the amount of time your IT department spends on infrastructure-related tasks.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) – PaaS includes all of the benefits of IaaS in addition to OS management. By delegating tedious OS management tasks with AS/400 hosting, you can streamline the workflow of your IT department and spend more time focusing on business-critical applications.
  • Backup – Having backup data is essential for most, if not all, businesses. Opting for cloud-based backup services rather than tackling them in house can free up developer time and ensure that your data is protected.
  • Business continuity – Downtime can be detrimental, which is why business continuity solutions pick up where backup leaves off. Business continuity solutions generally focus on minimizing the amount of time it takes to recover your data in the event that it is lost.

Choosing the right AS/400 hosting provider is a delicate process that should be handled with care. Ideally, you want to work with a company that offers reliable hosting and exceptional customer service. At Abacus Solutions, we strive to do both. Our status as an IBM i Managed Services Provider speaks to our knowledge about IBM hardware and software, and we work closely with all of our customers to ensure that they get an AS/400 hosting solution that works.

Contact Abacus Solutions today to learn more about the AS/400 hosting packages that we offer. We are proud to be the cloud hosting partner of choice for many IBM i users.