Opt for AS/400 Hosting in the Cloud & Streamline the Workflow of Your IT Department

Switching to the cloud for AS/400 hosting will remove the burden of infrastructure acquisition, installation, and maintenance from the workload of your IT department and allow your team to focus on business-critical tasks. Depending on your plan and host, your AS/400 service could extend so far as to include 100 percent host-managed infrastructure, operating system management, regular backup routines, and business continuity.

What you get with Abacus' AS/400 Hosting

Why else move to the cloud for AS/400 hosting? It could give you the ability to:

  • Easily scale your infrastructure – buy for today and acquire more as you grow
  • Shift to an operating expense
  • Enjoy dedicated hardware operations management
  • Upgrade aging infrastructure
  • Accommodate a short-term testing or development need
  • Delegate tedious OS management tasks
  • Eliminate backup windows
  • Move to best-practice backup procedures and get rid of tape
  • Migrate a legacy environment to archive
  • Protect your data with business continuity

Whether your AS/400 gear is legacy or new (AKA Power Systems), Abacus Solutions is the place to turn for all cloud-related hosting needs. Our status as an IBM Managed Services Provider speaks to our knowledge about IBM hardware and the IBM i platform. We offer services ranging from simple infrastructure as a service to complete operating system management and high-availability business continuity. For AS/400 hosting, there is simply no company that is more experienced and capable than Abacus Solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about the AS/400 hosting plans that we offer. We will be happy to provide your business with a performance assessment and help you discover what tier of cloud service will best meet your needs.