Running Your AS/400 Environment through LPAR Hosting Can Eliminate the Need to Find Legacy Hardware

If your company uses AS/400, a remote LPAR is an easy way to make sure your IT department continues to have the resources it needs for working in a legacy environment. Although legacy systems still work perfectly fine, taking advantage of a cloud-hosted LPAR, or a logical partition, can relieve you of the trouble and cost of trying to find compatible components for replacing old parts or building out your infrastructure.

When you transfer part or all of your computing environment to an AS/400 LPAR, you can also take advantage of highly scalable resources. Cloud hosting makes it easy to simply contact your hosting provider and request additional storage and processing power, whether it’s for the long term or just a brief period with a sudden burst in necessary resources. Also, not having to handle your own hardware procurement and maintenance makes cloud hosting services perfect for letting your IT department focus on productivity and development.

If you’re interested in transitioning your AS/400 environment to LPAR cloud hosting, Abacus Solutions has the answer. We are well versed in all current and legacy IBM systems, and our IBM-certified specialists will be happy to help you with turnkey services for switching your IT environment over to cloud hosting. We offer everything from basic storage hosting to full platform as a service (PaaS) management, complete with daily secure backups and infrastructure support. On top of our AS/400 LPAR services, we also offer a wide selection of refurbished hardware, from legacy to current models, so that you can find the replacement parts you need for your existing infrastructure.

To learn more about AS/400 LPAR hosting for your company’s IT environment, contact Abacus Solutions today.