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Making a Case for Code and Database Modernization

The dawn of this decade witnessed drastic changes and the ways of doing business have been altered forever. In the face of such monumental changes, companies have realized that modernization […]
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Developing Your IBM i HA/DR Plan for 2022

Must-haves in your plan and some things to consider! Disasters and unplanned downtime can strike at any time, costing businesses peace of mind, productivity, and revenue. But when we speak […]
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Creating an IBM i Modernization Roadmap? Make Quick Wins Part of Your Strategy

As an IT leader, just keeping the lights on is not enough in these tumultuous times. The recent pandemic and the emergence of a new baseline for “normal” has pushed […]
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Planning for Success: The Importance of an IT Strategy and IBM i Roadmap

Over the years, each of us has made different investments into the development and advancements of our IBM i systems. Some have adopted modern practices and technologies but each of […]
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IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization: Getting Quick Results with Web and Mobile Development

If your company had to rethink the way it did business when the pandemic hit, you’re not alone. For many organizations that rely on IBM i applications, the closure of offices, stores and clinics has forced them to adapt to a new reality.
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How 2020 is changing the way that companies approach digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation and why is it so critical? From discussions I’ve had with many, it seems to be a buzzword that is often related to technologies and not to something tangible, business and human-focused. Let’s look at one of the more popular definitions from leading market analysts Gartner.
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How IBM i Shops Are Benefitting from Outsource Solutions

Dwindling IBM i skillsets. Experienced talent heading to retirement. What else is new? This ongoing concern for IBM i shops is highlighted daily in numerous ways. For example, how many times have you heard...
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DDS Physical Files to DDL Table Conversion – Why?

Have you ever thought about modernizing your database? A lot of IBM i companies have replaced the green screen with a graphical interface and converted their legacy monolithic programs into […]
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Java and i (Part 2) – Running Spring Boot App on IBM i

Nevertheless, a Spring Boot app is usually deployed in a home folder that is organized as shown below. Let’s take boottest app as an example in Qshell.
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