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Abacus Solutions is an AS/400 focused platform as a service provider. Our blog is a place to feature company news, industry developments, and technical insight into how we continue to support the IBM i platform.

SAN to SAN Replication makes IBM i backup a breeze – Pt. 1

Jun 30, 2021

Abacus Solutions uses SAN Replication technology to help companies achieve high availability   No two backup methods are created equal – and that is especially true for IBM i systems…. Read More »

Operations Management for IBM i Environments

Jun 8, 2021

Abacus System Administrator discusses the “day-to-day” aspects of the popular service offering   It’s no secret that Operations Management can help companies refocus their teams from day-to-day maintenance tasks to… Read More »

Top 5 IBM i Hosting Trends

May 24, 2021

IBM’s AS/400 servers, also known as iSeries, can handle a lot. Its architecture was developed to handle heavy-duty tasks such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and more. When you can’t… Read More »

What You Should Know About IBM i Disaster Recovery

May 18, 2021

AS/400 disaster recovery comprises procedures, tools, and policies that make it possible to recover important systems and technology infrastructure after a disaster has occurred. Companies should always be prepared for… Read More »

Abacus Solutions Strives for More Than Just Security Compliance

Mar 30, 2021

The PaaS provider wants to go above and beyond to protect its customers   Companies across a variety of industries are beginning to understand the benefits of security compliance, both… Read More »