UCS B200 M2 Servers Available at Affordable Prices from Abacus Solutions

If you’re looking for a Cisco B200 M2 UCS blade server turn to Abacus Solutions. With one of the largest selections of Cisco UCS products in the nation, our company can quickly ship UCS B200 M2 servers to clients from coast to coast. We offer numerous used and refurbished models at prices reduced up to 90 percent off. Each of our B200 M2 servers is thoroughly tested and inspected in our Technology Center by certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that only fully functional systems are delivered to our clients. We even back our used and refurbished UCS products with warranties starting at 90 days, so our clients have peace of mind in knowing their investment will be protected.

In addition to UCS B200 M2 servers, we offer many other products from Cisco’s UCS line, including:

  • B-Series UCS blades
    • B230 M2
    • B200 M3
    • B440 M1
    • B420 M3
  • C-Series UCS rack servers
    • C460 M1
    • C250 M2
    • C200 drive sled
    • C220 M3
  • 6100 fabrics
  • 5108 server chassis
  • Components
    • Memory kits
    • I/O adapter cards
    • Hard drives
    • Processors
  • And more

Along with our Cisco UCS products, we offer many other top server lines from Dell, HP, IBM, Sun and others, making us a truly vendor-neutral provider. Our solution architects can develop the ideal infrastructure package for any business, accounting for their existing infrastructure and the unique needs of their project. In addition to infrastructure sales, we can also provide cost-effective leasing and rental solutions that provide you with an opportunity to regularly update your environment and minimize capital costs. Abacus will even liquidate a range of legacy IT equipment for cash or credit, which can help you reduce the cost of your project.

For more information on our selection of UCS B200 M2 servers and other hardware solutions, contact us today.