Buy Used Cisco Equipment at Discount Prices from Abacus Solutions

Businesses looking to buy used Cisco networking hardware can find a wide range of affordable, reliable products at Abacus Solutions. We offer used Cisco network equipment at discounts of up to 90 percent off of its original price. Each piece has been carefully inspected by our experienced, Cisco-certified technicians, allowing us to provide a 30-day warranty to protect your investment. Whether you need a Cisco ASA device to harden your network security, a refurbished Cisco router to add a new facility to your VPN, or a used Cisco switch to add new workstations on a floor, you can buy the used Cisco product you need at a price that fits your budget when you work with us.

Network consulting and IT asset liquidation are only two of the many professional and managed services we offer, with others including:

  • Windows cloud services
  • Cloud-based business continuity
  • IBM I Cloud
  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • IT equipment leasing

Our team of CCNAs and other Cisco-certified professionals has experience deploying these resources in a wide range of environments, allowing them to provide several of professional services for your initiative when you buy Cisco equipment from us. We can analyze and audit your network to determine how it conforms to industry standards and recommend innovative solutions to help your network operate efficiently. Abacus can also liquidate any unused hardware your business no longer needs, including networking equipment, servers, and storage systems, helping to subsidize your project’s cost.

Contact us today to buy used Cisco routers, switches and other hardware or to receive a quote on any of our other equipment and our many services.