Refurbished Cisco MDS 9700 Series Multilayer Directors Available at Abacus Solutions

Cisco MDS 9700 series directors are engineered to meet the demands of large datacenter storage environments. Offering industry-leading scalability, ease of management, and high availability thanks to redundant components (e.g. fabric cards, supervisors, and power supplies), the 9700 series directors deliver nothing less than seamless SAN interconnectivity. Any business in need of such a resource can find it at Abacus Solutions. We maintain one of the largest collections of used and refurbished Cisco products in the nation, all of which are available for much less than OEM prices.

In addition to the MDS 9700 series directors, some of the other Cisco networking equipment we have in stock includes:

  • Switches
    • 2950 series
    • 2960 series
    • 2970 series
    • 3550 series
  • Routers
    • 600/7600/800 series
    • 1800 series
    • 1900 series
    • 2800 series
  • Security
    • ASA 5505
    • ASA 5510
    • ASA 5520
    • ASA 5540

When you purchase Cisco networking equipment from Abacus Solutions, you can also be sure that it will be restored to like-new condition and ready to meet the demands of your datacenter environment. Our team of engineers and technicians use the state-of-the-art technology available to them here at our Technical Center to expertly refurbish every piece of used hardware that comes through our doors.

If you’re considering purchasing a Cisco MDS 9700, contact Abacus Solutions today for affordable prices, reliable products, and the absolute best in customer service.