Preowned Cisco Nexus N2K Fabric Extenders and Accessories Available from Abacus Solutions

The Cisco Nexus N2K, or 2000 series, switches are highly effective fabric extenders that many companies rely on for expanding the reach of their networks. If you’re interested in adding Nexus 2000 switches to your company’s datacenter, you don’t need to pay full price for brand-new fabric extenders. Instead, turn to Abacus Solutions, where we sell top-rate used Nexus switches and other IT hardware at up to 90 percent off of OEM pricing.

At Abacus Solutions, all of our equipment is masterfully refurbished in-house at our Technology Center and thoroughly tested to ensure peak performance before being sold, so any hardware you purchase from us can be expected to be in perfect working order. In addition to Cisco Nexus N2K fabric extenders and corresponding accessories, we offer:

  • Other Nexus switches, including the 5000 Series and 7000 Series switches
  • Unified Computing System (UCS) servers
  • Integrated Service Routers (ISR)
  • Catalyst switches
  • Aggregation Service Routers (ASR)
  • Various network security appliances

Of course, our wide selection of Cisco products isn’t all we have to offer at Abacus Solutions. We are a vendor-neutral company, so we are able to offer hardware solutions for all of your datacenter’s needs, regardless of the manufacturer. Our inventory also includes products and accessories from IBM, Sun, and HP, all at only a fraction of OEM costs. And, if you have hardware that you are no longer using, we can purchase it from you through our buy-back program to subsidize the cost of your new equipment.

To learn more about our selection of hardware, including Cisco Nexus N2K switches, contact Abacus Solutions today.