Improve Your Datacenter with a Cisco Nexus N6K Switch

Network switches within the Cisco Nexus N6K series are designed to deliver high-density, 40-Gigabit Ethernet in an energy-efficient, compact form factor. Thanks to their design, they are well suited for space-constrained, high-density, and high-performance deployments in traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments. If this sounds like the type of switch you need, consider saving yourself some money and buying a refurbished model from Abacus Solutions.

At Abacus Solutions, we have one of the largest collections of refurbished Cisco Hardware in the nation, which includes switches from the Cisco Nexus N6K series. We refurbish all of our preowned equipment ourselves, right here in our Technology Center, to ensure that every item we put up for sale meets our high standards for quality and performance.

In addition to our extensive selection of products, there are plenty of other reasons to choose Abacus Solutions for your refurbished hardware. For example:

  • We stand behind our refurbishing process by offering a minimum 30-day warranty on all of the preowned equipment that we sell.
  • Our Cisco specialists can help you find the right product for your datacenter.
  • We can provide assistance with network design and configuration.
  • We can help you stretch your budget without sacrificing performance.
  • We have an IT asset disposition program whereby you can trade in your old or unused equipment in exchange for a subsidy on any hardware you purchase from us.

Contact Abacus Solutions today for more information about the Cisco Nexus N6K series switches that we have in stock. When you do, ask us about the cloud services that we offer, which can help to reduce the amount of infrastructure management that your IT team is responsible for.