Cisco UCS 5108 Server Chassis Supplied to Businesses Nationwide by Abacus Solutions

Any IT department in need of Cisco UCS 5108 chassis for an expansion of their server room or datacenter will find that Abacus Solutions can help make the process more affordable. We offer a wide selection of used Cisco hardware, including 5108 chassis, which our team has inspected and tested at our in-house Technical Center. Our Cisco-certified engineers expertly refurbish these pieces as needed to ensure that they are fully functional, and we provide a minimum 30-day warranty on each. These refurbished server chassis are discounted significantly off their OEM price, allowing even business with limited budgets to get the hardware their expansions require.

Along with Cisco UCS 5108 server chassis, you’ll find all of the following UCS products in our selection:

  • B-Series
    • B420 M1
    • B440 M2
    • B250 M1
  • C-Series
    • C200 M2
    • C250 M1
    • C460 M2
  • 6100 Fabrics
  • Components
    • Memory kits
    • Adapter cards
    • Hard drives
    • Processors

Abacus Solutions’ skilled team can work with your business to craft the ideal package of Cisco UCS server products to meet its specific needs. In fact, we also carry a broad selection of used and refurbished products from other top vendors (HP, Dell, IBM, and Sun), allowing us to offer even more options to our clients. We can even provide infrastructure leasing and rental in many cases, helping reduce the capital outlay required for projects and providing regular opportunities to upgrade.

For more information on our Cisco UCS 5108 chassis and other used hardware, contact us today.