Preowned Cisco UCS 6248UP Switches Available from Abacus Solutions

A Cisco UCS 6248UP switch provides network connectivity and management capabilities for Cisco computing systems with low-latency, lossless 10 Gigabit Ethernet across 48 ports. It is a one rack unit that can help increase the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of your datacenter’s Ethernet networks and can provide both LAN and SAN connectivity for all blades within its domain. To obtain one of these switches for a low, preowned price, turn to Abacus Solutions.

We are a preowned hardware broker providing IT gear for companies in just about every industry. The technicians in our technology center rigorously test each piece of equipment that comes through our doors to ensure like-new condition and performance, and we back their work with a minimum 30-day warranty. By partnering with us, we can provide a preowned Cisco UCS 6248UP switch for much less than what you’d pay for the same item brand new. This switch provides:

  • Bandwidth of up to 960 Gbps
  • 48 ports, plus an expansion module with 16 additional unified ports
  • Low port-to-port latency of two microseconds
  • Cooling features, such as front-to-back cooling and redundant front-plug fans and power supplies

Abacus is a vendor-neutral provider. In addition to Cisco gear, we also provide preowned hardware from other top tech brands, including IBM, Oracle/Sun, and NetApp. If you’re looking to update your existing architecture, we can take your older hardware off your hands. We pay competitive prices for used gear, which can help offset your total spend with us.

For more information about the Cisco UCS 6248UP switch, or to ask questions about our hardware buyback service, contact Abacus Solutions today.