Cisco UCS Servers Can Help Improve the Performance of Your IT Environment

The Cisco UCS line of servers offers a wealth of benefits for datacenters of all kinds, particularly because it is designed to facilitate and simplify the management of networking, cloud storage, and virtualization. Cisco UCS is an integrated, cohesive platform engineered to treat the sum of its components as a unified system that can be managed through a user-friendly GUI, which can help improve production times for your IT department. With unified fabric support that consolidates various computing networks into a single system, your networking will be easier to manage and require fewer cables, switches, and other connectivity components, which can also help reduce energy consumption.

There are two versions of Cisco UCS that are available depending on your computing needs. The B-Series consists of blade servers housed in a powered chassis, and the C-Series is a 19-inch rackmount system that can be connected with fabric interconnects. Due to the integrated nature of UCS, these different types of servers can be used seamlessly in conjunction with each other, allowing for high scalability and versatility in your datacenter.

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