Refurbished Cisco Switches Perform Like New for a Fraction of the Cost

Refurbished Cisco switches can deliver like-new performance for a fraction of the cost of new hardware. If your business is in need of Cisco switches and you are thinking about buying refurbished, look no further than Abacus Solutions. We have a massive, ever-expanding inventory of refurbished Cisco equipment, all of which is expertly restored in-house to like-new condition by our hardware specialists. We are also proud to support our refurbishing process with a minimum 30-day warranty, which we offer with all of our refurbished products.

In addition to refurbished Cisco switches, Abacus Solutions offers an abundance of other Cisco products, including:

  • ASR routers
  • ISR routers
  • Security appliances
  • UCS servers

Of course, at Abacus Solutions, our inventory extends much beyond just Cisco equipment. We also offer refurbished hardware from many more of the industry’s leading vendors, such as IBM, Dell, Sun/Oracle, and HP. Further, we have an IT asset disposition service that will allow you to trade in your old or unused hardware in exchange for a subsidy on your upgrade.

If your business is looking to cut down on the cost hardware acquisition and maintenance, then you will be pleased to know that Abacus Solutions also offers various cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and High Availability as a Service.

To learn more about the refurbished Cisco switches that we offer, or for more information about any of our other products and services, contact Abacus Solutions today and one of our courteous representatives will be glad to assist you. We proudly work with businesses across the United States.