Used Cisco Router Products Provide Reliable and Affordable Networking Solutions

Purchasing a used Cisco router is often a much better option than buying a new router, whether you are looking to expand your business network’s capabilities or need to replace outdated equipment. Buying used routers can help you save a lot of money rather than paying full OEM prices, allowing the budget for your IT infrastructure to reach further. Also, a properly refurbished router can provide all of the features that your datacenter needs, so you don’t have to worry that cutting costs will require compromising quality.

If you’re looking for a used Cisco router, or any related products or accessories, being able to select from a comprehensive inventory of routers and other networking equipment is certainly important. However, you’ll want to make sure that the company you’re purchasing from offers the best you can find in terms of quality and price, too. Be sure to consider the following in your search for the right company to buy your IT equipment from:

  • Price – How much will you be able to save off the original manufacturer’s cost?
  • Workmanship – How knowledgeable and skillful are the technicians who perform the necessary reconditioning of the products?
  • Quality Assurance – How thorough is the company’s process of inspecting the performance of each product after refurbishment?
  • Warranty – How well does the company guarantee the reliability of its products?

When you need a used Cisco router for your business’s datacenter, you can trust Abacus Solutions for the answer to all of these questions and more, including an extensive inventory of Cisco routers from the 600 series to the UBR 7200 series and beyond. Each piece of equipment we sell is professionally restored by our team of experts in our very own in-house technology lab and rigorously tested to ensure its ability to meet the demands of your IT environment. This way, we can offer you the best equipment possible at up to 90 percent off OEM prices, while still guaranteeing top-rate performance. We also offer a minimum 30-day warranty to further support our refurbishing process. In addition to our used Cisco router inventory, we carry products from a variety of manufacturers, remaining vendor neutral so that our professional consulting team can offer comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions for your datacenter.

If you’d like more information on our used Cisco router selection and other products, contact Abacus Solutions today.