Get Affordable Used Cisco Hardware from Abacus Solutions

If you always thought Cisco switches and routers were too expensive for your IT budget, consider that used Cisco hardware from Abacus Solutions can provide reliable uptimes and the same high performance resources for up to 90 percent off of the OEM price. We receive a wide range of used Cisco equipment and extensively test it in our facility, so only pieces that meet our standards ever leave our doors. Our Cisco-certified technicians even refurbish many of these pieces so they’ll perform just like new.

Our vast inventory contains a broad range of used Cisco hardware with options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Used Cisco switches
    • C2950 Series
    • C3560 Series
    • C4500 Series
    • Metro Series
  • Used Cisco routers
    • 2900 Series
    • 7300 Series
    • GRS12000 Series
    • ARS Series
  • Used Cisco ASA
    • ASA 5520
    • ASA 5550
    • ASA 5580
  • Used Cisco servers
    • UCS C-series
    • UCS B-series
    • UCS 5108 Series

Each of these items comes with a 30-day warranty to protect your investment and can be installed by one of our professional technicians. We can also liquidate any legacy Cisco network hardware you may no longer need, as well as networking products from many other leading brands. Liquidating your resources can help you subsidize the cost of your project, and eliminate the inventory costs of holding this unneeded equipment.

For more information on our selection of used Cisco hardware, contact Abacus Solutions today.