The Benefits of Cloud Computing With Abacus Solutions

There are many benefits of cloud computing with Abacus Solutions, and these benefits abound for businesses of all sizes, in a variety of industries. One such benefit is scalability – the more demand placed upon your infrastructure, the more resources you’re going to need to keep it functional. But what if your demand isn’t consistent? This is when a cloud-based infrastructure comes in real handy – in the cloud, more resources can be acquired with the push of a button (or a few buttons) with minimal time lag. This ensures that you’ll always have the resources needed to compensate for the workload placed on your infrastructure, even if it comes in unpredictable periods of spikes and lulls.

Abacus Solutions offers a variety of cloud services and a high degree of flexibility in choosing a support level that meets your needs and budget. Some of our cloud options and their benefits include:

  • Enterprise Cloud
    • Supports both the IBM i and Windows Environments
    • Hosting in redundant datacenters
    • 24/7/365 infrastructure support
    • Critical operations network support
    • Level 2 operations support
    • Daily backups to offsite secure storage
    • Business continuity with start recovery in <12 hours
  • Enterprise Plus Cloud
    • All benefits of Enterprise cloud plus IBM i OS management
  • Enterprise Exchange Cloud
    • Supports Microsoft Exchange environment
    • Abacus provided application support

Ready to learn more about the benefits of cloud computing with Abacus Solutions? Just contact us today. We also offer an expansive inventory of new and refurbished IT equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun/Oracle.