Cloud Computing Security Ensured for Clients by Abacus Solutions

Many businesses adopting cloud computing are cautious about security, but by choosing to partner with Abacus Solutions, they can rest assured that their data and cloud servers will be reliably protected and readily accessible.  Our team of certified engineers have developed a cloud infrastructure with redundant enterprise-grade firewalls and DMZ to effectively detect and block any unauthorized access. Our stack also implements redundant routers and core switches for adequate bandwidth, and these are paired with VMware vSwitch technology to properly isolate client VLANS. Our cloud server hosting solutions will also keep our clients’ data secure with daily offsite backups. We can also provide a variety of built in business continuity services into your cloud solution, with start recovery of <12 hours, for further protection.

In addition to providing cloud computing with reliable security management, Abacus Solutions ensures that our clients’ cloud solutions are properly aligned to their needs by offering options includinhg:

  • Either 24/7/365 or M-F 9x5 infrastructure support
  • Infrastructure options built for IBM i, Windows, or Exchange
  • PaaS solutions available with IBM i OS managed by our certified experts
  • Billing options available for various cycles to accommodate cash flow

Cloud solutions are just a small part of what Abacus Solutions can offer to help your business overcome its IT issues. We offer a full range of professional services, managed by experts with certifications from many top OEMs. These experts can develop vendor-neutral solutions that are stable and scalable, providing the compute, storage, network, and security capabilities you need at the best possible price.

For more information on our cloud computing security procedures, or any of our professional services, contact us today.