Hybrid Cloud Computing Provided for Businesses Nationwide

Hybrid cloud computing is a practical solution for businesses that need supplemental IT resources but want to save on the cost of hardware acquisition, maintenance, and management. At Abacus Solutions, we’ve developed a best-in-class cloud infrastructure for both public and hybrid cloud solutions, and have a team of cloud engineers and technicians that will help find the ideal slice of the cloud for your business. In fact, our engineers and technicians hold certifications from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, so you can be certain that we’re knowledgeable in, and experienced with, a variety of infrastructures and hardware components.

At Abacus Solutions, we’re not only committed to providing our customers with the right IT solutions, but also to providing a reliable, secure, and adaptive hybrid cloud computing environment. Our cloud infrastructure:

  • Utilizes enterprise-grade VPN and firewall technology, plus Abacus’ own security monitoring to protect our clients’ data
  • Is quickly scalable, which allows you to respond to peaks and troughs in demand as needed
  • Maximizes uptime and has built-in redundant components for superior reliability

In addition to our hybrid cloud, Abacus Solutions offers public cloud hosting and several turn-key cloud packages for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. In short, no matter what your cloud needs are, Abacus Solutions can help you find the right solution.

For more information about hybrid cloud computing or to learn more about any of the other cloud services offered by Abacus Solutions, contact us today. We also offer a complete inventory of refurbished hardware from many of the industry’s most respected manufacturers (including IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell, and Sun/Oracle).