The Dell Compellent SC280 Storage Center Can Meet Your Business’s Expanding Storage Needs

The Dell Compellent SC280 storage system is one of the leading dense enclosure solutions in the industry for businesses big and small. If you have an increasing need for storage space, this system can offer you up to 504TB per 5 unit chassis and up to 4PB usable storage per 48 unit rack with two Dell Compellent Storage System Centers. If you’re in the market for this exceptional data storage device, turn to Abacus Solutions.

We specialize in professionally refurbishing used Dell IT equipment, which we can offer to your business at discounts of up to 90 percent off the original price. Considering the Compellent SC280 system provides some of the densest enclosure capabilities in the industry, you can continue to save money by not having to continuously purchase new storage space for your growing data needs. Some great features of the Compellent SC280 system include:

  • Flash-optimization, which provides more space at a lower cost when compared to traditional spinning arrays
  • Data progression to automatically migrate old data to lower tiers and keep new and frequently used data in top-tier drives

No matter the size of your business, you can reap the storage solutions and cost benefits of this remarkable data enclosure system for a price that fits your budget when you partner with Abacus Solutions. To further keep you in budget, you can also take advantage of our IT Asset Disposition Program, wherein we can offer you high trade-in values for your decommissioned hardware.

To learn more about how a Dell Compellent SC280 storage system can benefit your business, contact Abacus Solutions today. Our highly knowledgeable product specialists can help with all your IT infrastructure needs.