Find Highly Affordable Dell PowerEdge R820 Rackable Server Systems and More at Abacus Solutions

The Dell PowerEdge R820 is a rackable server that is among the most trusted in the industry, and you can find it and other Dell hardware, both legacy and current, at Abacus Solutions. We have a broad selection of preowned equipment that our trusted experts restore to like-new conditions in-house at our Technology Center. This process allows us to sell hardware that works as good as brand-new products for as much as 90 percent off the original pricing. And, to ensure that each piece is performing exactly as it should before being sold, we rigorously test all of our hardware after the reconditioning process. We also stand by our refurbishment process with a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our products.

In addition to the R820, we also offer a full complement of other PowerEdge rack servers, including:

  • R620
  • R730
  • R720
  • R320
  • R630
  • R520
  • R720xd
  • R920
  • R730xd
  • R420
  • And others

In addition to our selection of PowerEdge servers and other Dell products, we also sell hardware from a variety of other manufacturers, including IBM, HP, and Cisco. As a vendor-neutral company, we are committed to providing you with the most effective and appropriate product solutions for your needs and budget without focusing on one particular brand.

If you’re interested in subsidizing the cost of hardware for your datacenter, you can sell us your surplus equipment through our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program. We will gladly buy your equipment from you directly or set up a consignment contract for large amounts of hardware, and we can help with recycling and disposal of anything that no longer holds value. We can also perform thorough data wiping on the equipment we receive from you, including DoD-approved multi-pass overwriting, to ensure that your sensitive data is completely erased.

For additional information about our selection of Dell PowerEdge R820 rackable server hardware and more, contact Abacus Solutions today.