HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen9 793314-B21 Preowned Server Refurbished to Like-New Condition

The ProLiant DL580 Gen9 793314-B21 from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a four socket server, powered by Intel Xeon processors, that delivers exceptional performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your IT hardware at your place of business, the 793314-B21 is a great option. And if you’re looking to upgrade with a tight budget, turn to Abacus Solutions.

Our HPE-certified team of technicians have the skills and experience to refurbish the DL580 Gen9 793314-B21 to like-new condition, and will perform a series of tests to ensure it functions properly. Subsequently, you can enjoy the full six TBs of memory, large IO bandwidth, and 12 Gb/s of SAS speeds for up to 90 percent less than what the 793314-B21 server would cost new. Abacus also provides a minimum 30-day warranty on all our refurbished hardware so you can trust in the optimal performance of your purchase.

But we don’t just refurbish HPE equipment. Abacus prides itself on being a vendor-neutral company and regularly provides preowned hardware from/for:

  • IBM
    • iSeries
    • pSeries
    • xSeries
  • Oracle-Sun
    • T-Class and M-Class servers
    • Exalogic and Exadata systems
  • Cisco
    • Security appliances
    • UCS servers

To further keep you in budget, Abacus also provides an IT Asset Disposition Program. Trade in your outdated equipment, or sell it on consignment, and you can subsidize your 793314-B21 purchase. We can also recycle any outdated equipment that is no longer useful.

Contact Abacus Solutions today to learn more about the HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen9 793314-B21 server. We’ve been helping companies all over the country upgrade their IT systems since our inception in 2000.