HP Superdome Solutions for Businesses Nationwide from Abacus Solutions

HP Superdome monolithic servers have been an integral part of many datacenters since their introduction, and the modern Superdome 2 is still a major component in many environments. If your business relies on this platform to power mission-critical applications and processes, and you’re looking to expand your resources, turn to Abacus Solutions for the high-quality, refurbished HP servers you need. Our technicians are experts at refurbishing HP 9000 and Integrity Superdome platforms, and thoroughly test them at our Technical Center to ensure that our products can provide reliable performance under the harsh demands of your datacenter.

Some of the many different HP Superdome systems available in our inventory include:

  • HP 9000 Superdome
    • Itanium systems
    • Itanium 2 systems
    • Cell boards
    • PCI boards
    • IO cards
    • Hot-swap oscillator boards
    • Processors
  • HP Integrity Superdome 2
    • 8-socket systems
    • 16-socket systems
    • 32-socket systems
    • IO cards
    • Memory kits
    • Processors

In addition to the HP Superdome platform, we offer a broad range of other used and refurbished products from over 30 different vendors ranging from IBM to Cisco. We offer a wide range of new products from Dell, Lenovo, Nexsan, Force10 and other leading vendors as well. This broad inventory allows us to customize our solutions without defaulting to a single vendor, so we can build more cost-effective and efficient systems strictly according to our clients’ needs.

To learn more about our HP Superdome hardware and other IT infrastructure products, contact Abacus today. We’re proud to serve customers in Atlanta, Memphis, Tampa, Montgomery and many other cities nationwide.