HP 9000 Superdome Products Available to Businesses Nationwide from Abacus Solutions

Does your business rely on an HP 9000 Superdome server to supply mission critical services? Do you have a limited IT budget, but growing demand for resources? If so, Abacus Solutions can help since we offer an extensive selection of HP9000 hardware for discounts of up to 90 percent off of their OEM prices. We take in decommissioned HP 9000 hardware at businesses and liquidators nationwide then thoroughly test it in our Technical Center, ensuring that only fully functional items capable of delivering reliable resources make it to our customers. We also have a skilled team of technicians that can restore HP Superdome systems and components, so that customers can find resources that perform just like OEM items for a fraction of the cost. Whether you choose a used or refurbished server, your system will come with a 30-day warranty to protect your investment.

In addition to full HP 9000 Superdome systems, we offer a number of components as well, including:

  • I/O adapters
  • Cell boards
  • Assy Uguy-500 boards
  • PCI boards
  • Itanium CPU packs
  • Hot-swap oscillator boards
  • And more

We also offer a broad range of other types of HP 9000 servers, as well as other HP server lines, IBM servers, Sun servers, Dell server and IT hardware from many other leading brands. With this incredible selection, our solution architects can build solutions that lower the total cost of ownership for your infrastructure. Abacus also provides solutions to target specific IT problems, such as network security, resource virtualization, storage consolidation and upgrade planning.

For more information on our HP 9000 Superdome systems, other IT products or our professional services, contact us today.