HP 10500 Series Switches and Other Reconditioned Hardware Offered by Abacus Solutions

If you need HP 10500 switches to scale up your company’s IT infrastructure or replace old units, turn to Abacus Solutions. We offer a wide range of preowned hardware for companies throughout the nation, including HP switches, servers, components, and more.

You can count on Abacus Solutions to provide you with used HP 10500 switches and other hardware in peak performance conditions at highly affordable prices, since we:

  • Expertly refurbish each piece of equipment in-house at our Technology Center, which is staffed by our own highly trained expert technicians
  • Carefully and rigorously test all of our used hardware after the refurbishing process to ensure that all of it is in the same working condition as brand-new hardware
  • Stand by our reconditioning process by backing our equipment with a minimum 30-day warranty

This process allows us to offer HP 10500 switches, and other legacy and current equipment, at up to 90 percent off of OEM prices. And, since we are a vendor-neutral company, we also offer products from a variety of other manufacturers, including IBM, Dell, and Cisco, in order to help you find the IT solution that works best for your datacenter. Also, if you have any hardware you no longer use, you can take advantage of our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program to remove unneeded equipment and help subsidize your purchase.

f you’re interested in finding out more about our selection of HP 10500 switches, contact Abacus Solutions today.