Refurbished HP 9000 Series Servers Available Through Abacus Solutions

If you’re looking for an HP 9000 Series server to increase your business’s computing power but are working with a tight IT budget, turn to Abacus Solutions. We have an ever-expanding inventory of both used and refurbished HP products, all for significant discounts – in some cases, as much as 90 percent off the OEM price. From HP 9000 servers to storage, Abacus Solutions is your one-stop shop for all of your HP product needs.

Within the HP 9000 series product line, some of our specific inventory items include:

  • A-class servers
  • RP-class servers
  • Superdome servers
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Drives
  • I/O Cards
  • External Storage
  • Workstation systems and options
  • HP-UX storage solutions

No matter which refurbished HP products you choose to purchase from Abacus Solutions, you can trust that they will be ready to perform in a demanding datacenter environment. We employ HP-certified engineers and technicians who expertly test, inspect, and refurbish all kinds of IT equipment with the state-of-the-art-equipment provided to them at our in-house technology lab. To support our refurbishing process, we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our used equipment.

As a vendor-neutral company, Abacus Solutions’ inventory extends far beyond just HP products. In fact, we carry hardware and software from many of the industry’s leading manufactures, such as Cisco, Dell, Sun/Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.

For more information about the HP 9000 series servers and components that we have in stock, or any of the other IT equipment within our inventory, please contact Abacus Solutions today. Don’t forget to ask about our buyback program, which can subsidize the cost of any future upgrade your business may need.