Finding an HP 9000 Server for Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

The HP 9000 line of server computers was one of the most long-lived and reliable of its kind, which is why it has persisted in the datacenters of many companies around the world, even after being discontinued. Of course, if your IT infrastructure does rely on HP 9000 models, you will probably come across a time when you need to replace parts or entire servers, or you might want another server to work on expanding your datacenter. When you do encounter this situation, your best option for replacement and supplementary equipment is to buy used hardware.

When purchasing a used HP 9000 server or any replacement parts for one, as with any preowned hardware, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that treats its products well. Look for companies that refurbish their equipment before sale to bring them back up to factory conditions so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. It won’t hurt to take a look at whether or not your source has a quality testing process in place, as well as a warranty on preowned equipment in the event that an unexpected flaw presents itself.

Whether you need an HP 9000 server to replace existing equipment that no longer works or you want to start building a datacenter from legacy equipment to save on your IT budget, turn to Abacus Solutions for high-quality refurbished servers and more. We take great care in reconditioning our equipment in our own Technology Center, where our IT professionals thoroughly test each product to ensure that it works like new after refurbishment. That way, we can offer you preowned servers and other products, from legacy to current lines, at up to 90 percent off of their original prices. And, for your peace of mind that your investment is protected, we back all of our hardware with a minimum 30-day warranty.

If you’d like additional information on our HP 9000 server selection, contact Abacus Solutions today.