Incorporating an HP 9000 Superdome Server into Your Company’s Datacenter

The HP 9000 Superdome is one of the most reliable legacy servers for IT infrastructures of all kinds, and many companies still utilize it regularly in their datacenters. If your company’s datacenter uses the Superdome, you may eventually find yourself needing to replace components or even add new servers to scale up your infrastructure. Rather than trying to find room in your IT budget for brand-new hardware, it can be worthwhile for you to purchase preowned parts and servers. This allows you to save a significant amount of money while also promoting green business practices by preventing usable equipment from being thrown away.

Of course, when purchasing a used HP 9000 Superdome or any other preowned equipment for your datacenter, it’s important to make sure that your source is one you can rely on for quality parts and hardware. Not all companies that sell used equipment take the time to refurbish it, so be sure to check whether you’re buying your hardware as-is or reconditioned, and that it has been tested for quality assurance. It can also be helpful to see if your equipment comes with a warranty, since flaws can sometimes elude even the most effective reconditioning processes and the most stringent quality assessments.

If you need an HP 9000 Superdome server and want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase, consider buying a preowned unit from Abacus Solutions. We sell used equipment from HP and a variety of other manufacturers, including IBM, Cisco, and Dell. Our hardware is all reconditioned to work like new by our expert technicians in our Technology Center, then rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our high performance standards. This process allows us to offer hardware at up to 90 percent off of OEM prices, and we back all of our products with a minimum 30-day warranty.

To learn more about our stock of HP 9000 Superdome servers and other equipment, contact Abacus Solutions today.