Utilizing HP Blade Servers in Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

HP blade servers are some of the most trusted for reliable and lasting performance, as well as for their versatile modular nature. There are several lines of blade systems made by HP, including the ProLiant Blade Line (BL) series, the Integrity series, and the Superdome, each with several models and product generations, so there’s something for virtually any company’s computing needs. Of course, because of their longevity and flexibility, it can be very beneficial to look for legacy hardware from these server systems in order to save significantly on building or scaling up your datacenter.

HP blade servers are based on a highly space-efficient design consisting of minimal components optimized for hot-swapping for easy installation and removal, making them ideal modular, scalable resources. Each blade system comprises multiple servers housed in a blade enclosure, which not only holds the servers but also provides interconnects, management, power, cooling, and other necessary services. These server systems help to save physical space in your datacenter, as well as improve energy efficiency, since they require less power consumption than bulky non-blade systems.

Whether you need HP blade servers to add to your existing infrastructure or to build a new datacenter from the ground up, Abacus Solutions is here to help. We offer premium preowned equipment from HP, as well as other brands like Dell, IBM, and more, all refurbished to peak working condition and thoroughly tested in our own Technology Center by highly trained IT equipment experts. This allows us to offer hardware from legacy and current lines at up to 90 percent off of OEM pricing, all backed with a minimum 30-day warranty. Plus, if you have any equipment you no longer use, you can sell it to us through our robust IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program to subsidize your purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about our inventory of HP blade servers and other IT hardware, contact Abacus Solutions today.