Buy an HP Superdome 2 Server for Cost-Effective Performance and Reliability

Abacus Solutions offers trusted HP Superdome 2 servers at deeply discounted prices. These powerful computing machines are modular systems that scale up, out, and within to consolidate all tiers of critical applications on a common platform. They include a bladed design and components common to other HP c-Class Blade Systems. With innovations like the Superdome 2 Crossbar Fabric and the Superdome 2 Analysis Engine, this server sets a high standard for mission-critical computing.

No matter what demands are placed on your company’s datacenter, you can trust the Superdome 2 to increase scalability and improve memory and computing power with features such as:

  • Support for 8 socket (8s), 16 socket (16s), and 32 socket (32s) Superdome 2 servers
  • 64 built-in 10 GbE ports
  • 512 DIMM slots with up to 8 TB of DDR3 memory with double-chip spare
  • Built-in shared DVD
  • Upgrade paths from SD2-8s to SD2-16s to SD2-32s socket SMP

You can benefit from all these features at a fraction of the price by buying refurbished HP Superdome 2 servers from Abacus Solutions. We refurbish all of our IT hardware in house under rigorous standards to keep costs down and ensure that every product delivers maximal reliability and performance. We offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our reconditioned equipment.

If you need to upgrade your datacenter beyond hardware acquisition, we can provide you with a range of cloud computing services, including business continuity options like disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and high availability as a service (HAaaS).

To learn more about feature-rich HP Superdome 2 servers, or any of the cloud services we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.