HP-UX Server Systems for Businesses Nationwide from Abacus Solutions

The HP-UX server operating system is one of the most popular UNIX builds for mission critical applications, and is able to create the high-availability, secure and virtualized environment you need to control IT costs while delivering reliable resources. You may worry you’ll need to invest heavily in new HP Integrity or Superdome 2 servers to take advantage of this platform, but when you turn to Abacus Solutions, you can get affordable, reliable HP-UX compliant server hardware at discounts of up to 95 percent off its original market value. This is because Abacus is one of the nation’s leading IT liquidators, offering a broad range of used HP server products that includes both HP 9000 server and HP Integrity server systems and components.

Our extensive inventory of HP-UX server systems is constantly changing as we receive newly liquidated products, but can include many specific products like:

  • Superdome and Superdome 2 servers
  • A-class HP 9000 servers
  • RP-class HP 9000 servers
  • Integrity RackMount servers
  • System components
    • HP 9000 or Integrity memory kits
    • HP 9000 or Integrity I/O cards
    • HP 9000 storage drives
    • HP 9000 processors
  • And more

We carefully test every HP-UX server product that we offer at our in-house Technology Center to ensure it will provide the availability and resources needed in the datacenter environment. We also refurbish any components as needed until they meet our high standards. Every item we offer comes protected by a 30-day warranty so you can be confident that you’re making a safe investment. Abacus also has a highly skilled team of engineers who can aid you in determining the ideal server configurations, deploying these resources into your environment, migrating to an HP-UX environment from another server operating system, virtualizing your resources or managing any of a wide range of other IT projects.

To learn more about our HP-UX server products and many professional IT services, contact us today. We’re proud to serve businesses in Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Columbia and other cities nationwide.