HP 9000 Products for Businesses Nationwide

Businesses that rely on the HP 9000 server platform may have difficulty finding products to suit their needs as the line has been replaced with HP Integrity. Fortunately, Abacus Solutions has a vast selection of used HP 9000 systems in our inventory, and receives newly liquidated pieces all the time. Our HP-certified engineers and technicians extensively test each item in our Technology Center to verify they are fully functional and meet our high standards for quality. We stand behind all of the used HP 9000 products we supply, offering a 30-day warranty so you can be confident that you’re making a safe investment.

Some of the many different HP 9000 products we carry include:

  • RP-Class servers
    • rp2450
    • rp3440
    • rp4410
    • rp7410
    • rp8400
  • HP Superdome servers
  • A-Class servers
  • Components
    • Graphics cards
    • Hot-plug disks
    • Memory kits
    • I/O cards
    • Processors
    • Memory boards
  • And more

Our inventory also includes a variety of other used and refurbished HP servers, including refurbished HP ProLiant towers and used HP Integrity Blade Systems. All of these refurbished server products, and the many other pieces of used IT equipment in our multimillion dollar inventory, are discounted up to 90 percent off of their OEM price, making it easy for businesses to find affordable IT equipment that suits their needs. In addition to architecting infrastructure solutions, Abacus can also provide services to address virtualization, network security, business continuity, cloud integration, and a variety of other IT concerns.

For more information on our HP 9000 systems, other IT products or our professional services, contact Abacus Solutions today.