Server Hardware Solutions Available from the Datacenter Infrastructure of Abacus Solutions

Finding the perfect server hardware for your datacenter has never been easier, as Abacus Solutions offers an incredible selection of products with options to suit the needs of businesses in every industry. Our inventory holds everything ranging from legacy server lines to the latest generations, allowing us to find options that fit the IT environment of any client. Having worked with clients in a broad range of industries and holding certifications from many top server manufacturers, our team can thoroughly analyze your datacenter and develop a vendor-neutral solution to provide the computing power you need while delivering the best return on your investment.

Just a small sample of the many brands of enterprise server hardware you’ll find in our inventory include:

  • Sun
    • SPARC
    • Fire
  • HP
    • HP 9000
    • Integrity
    • Proliant
  • IBM
    • pSeries
    • System I (AS/400)
    • System X
  • Cisco
    • UCS
  • Dell
    • PowerEdge

Many of these products are preowned, allowing us to offer many solutions for significantly less than OEM prices. Abacus Solutions carefully inspects, cleans, and repairs all of these products in our state-of-the-art Technical Center, which is staffed by engineers and technicians certified by these vendors. This means that, in many cases, these pieces are still certified/banded by their manufacturer, and we provide a minimum 30-day warranty on any that are not in order to ensure your hardware investment is protected. With such a large selection in stock, we can ship your server hardware immediately in many cases, helping clients meet even the tightest deadlines.

To find out more about the server hardware we have in stock, contact us today.