A Used HP Server Infrastructure Can Significantly Reduce the Total Cost of Your Datacenter

Buying Used HP server products is an excellent way to lower the procurement expenses for building out your IT infrastructure, which can be crucial when you are creating a new datacenter from the ground up. New hardware, particularly servers, can be very pricey, especially for a company that is working on a limited budget for IT products. Although many people equate the term “used” with low quality, poor performance, or damaged products, if you take the right steps in your search for preowned servers and parts, you’ll be able to find products that are like new at a sizable discount off of OEM pricing.

Whether you’re looking for a used HP server or just replacement parts for your existing equipment, the best way to find hardware in proper working order is by looking at the process it undergoes before being sold. Some companies will simply sell preowned servers in the same condition they bought them in, offering a discount but no guarantee as to quality. Others, however, take the time to refurbish the equipment and test it for proper performance before sale to ensure that they only sell top-quality products.

If you’re looking for a company that sells used HP server products and other equipment that have been reconditioned to work like new, your best source is Abacus Solutions. All of our used IT hardware is refurbished in house by the experts in our Technology Center, then painstakingly tested for quality assurance. We even stand by our reconditioned equipment with a minimum 30-day warranty to offer you assurance that your purchase is protected. Additionally, we are a vendor-neutral company, which means we offer products from all of the top manufacturers, including HP, IBM, and Dell, in order to offer unbiased solutions to suit your IT needs and budget.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our used HP server selection and our extensive inventory of other products, contact Abacus Solutions today.