Used HP Server Hardware for Companies Nationwide

Abacus Solutions is a premier source for used HP server products throughout the Southeast and the rest of the nation. We offer a broad range of systems from the Proliant, Integrity and HP 9000 server platforms, including complete systems and components. Whether you need a high-density storage solution, replacement database server, or additional processing for business-critical applications, Abacus can provide an effective solution that will easily integrate into your current environment and scale with your business’ needs.

Some of our most popular used HP servers include:

  • ProliantDL380
  • ProliantDL360
  • ProliantDL580
  • Integrity SuperDome 2
  • Integrity RX6600
  • Integrity RX8640
  • Integrity RX7640
  • Integrity RX3600
  • Integrity RX2600
  • HP 9000 SuperDome

We carry a wide selection of used HP server lines, which includes refurbished HP ProLiant g8, g7 and g6 models, so we’ll be able to deliver the optimal product for virtually any architecture. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians refurbish all of these systems and components with careful attention to detail in our in-house technology lab. Abacus only delivers systems after they’ve undergone extensive testing to ensure that they’re fully functional and will perform flawlessly after deployment. Available for up to 50 percent off the price of new hardware and protected by a 30-day warranty, these refurbished HP servers represent an exceptional value for your business.

For more information on our used HP server products and the many other refurbished IT products we offer from other leading brands, contact us today. You can also learn more about our IT solutions, such as virtualization, storage optimization, network security and disaster recovery, which are available for businesses in Atlanta, Savannah, Columbia, Memphis and other cities nationwide.