ERP Deployments Shift Cloudward, Even On IBM i

Slow and steady growth of IBM i cloud deployments mean customers feel more comfortable running critical business applications in the cloud


Illustration IBM i AS400 cloud ERPWhile more IBM i shops are transitioning to the cloud environments, the percentage of them that involve production business applications or ERP systems is still relatively small. When business-critical systems are in the cloud, they’re much more likely to run in private clouds – or better yet, in a co-lo setup where the customer’s Power Systems server is moved into the private cloud provider’s data center.


“Most IBM i shops moving to the cloud prefer the PaaS approach, especially when it comes to business-critical workloads,” says the chief sales officer of Abacus Solutions, which runs hundreds of IBM i environments in its private cloud.

What I’ve seen from the other providers is they’re trying to do more of an IaaS offering and trying to do it from a quantity. We provide platform as a service. You’re getting high level of operation. We take care of the infrastructure. We take care of the backup. We take care of the running of the operations. We understand what’s going on with the applications as it relates to the infrastructure, and allow the customer to focus at a business application level and the high levels of operation.

With second-tier workloads like dev, test, and HA becoming more prevalent, the cloud is no longer a novelty in the IBM i marketplace. And businesses that need a reliable PaaS provider for their production ERP environments can turn to Abacus Solutions for premier IBM i cloud and AS/400 managed services. Follow the link to read the full article on ITJungle’s site. If you would like to learn more about the AS/400 cloud services available at Abacus Solutions, LLC, we invite you to contact us today!